Hyll on Holland

Live lush at the top

Hyll on Holland, well placed in an impeccable Good Class Bungalow enclave in Holland Hill, is made even more alluring by the fact that it is one of the rare residences with freehold status in the highly coveted locale of District 10, where all round conveniences are just minutes from home.

Freehold in District 10

Freehold in District 10 means a legacy for your family in the heart of Singapore. Where the lifestyle locations like Holland Village and Dempsey Hill are. Where the iconic Botanic Gardens is always nearby for a stroll or exercise. Where key business nodes like One-North or Orchard Road are always a short distance away.

Vibrant Holland Village

Formerly Hollandia and The Estoril, Hyll On Holland sits on 12,830 sqm of land, with 319 units. Slated for vacant possession on 30 June 2025, Hyll On Holland is minutes away from Holland Village, a key “identity node” of Singapore, as identified by The Urban Redevelopment Authority.

It seems to be an area that has it all, offering a wide variety of dining and lifestyle options. And it is set for more buzz. A new 23,000 sqm extension adjacent to Holland Village, right behind Lorong Mambong, has been earmarked for a new mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development that will add to the vibrancy of Holland Village as a great place to live, work and play.

By expanding the area with more mixed-use developments, fine-grained intimate streets, public spaces, diverse retail and F&B offerings, local residents and visitors alike can enjoy and better appreciate the unique charm of Holland Village.

Circle Line coming full circle

Have you always wondered why the Circle Line is called a “circle” when it does not form a circle? Well, it is about to come full circle in 2025. The loop will be closed when the Keppel, Cantonment and Prince Edward stations are completed.

Once completed, Holland Village is located strategically on the circle, with key commercial nodes all over the island within easy reach. Hyll on Holland is just a short walk away from Holland Village MRT. And even Commonwealth MRT on the East-West line if you need to.

Esteemed Schools in the vicinity

District 10 is home to many top schools. We have Anglo-Chinese School (International), Hwa Chong Institution, St Margaret Secondary School, and Nanyang Primary School all within 2 kilometres. We even have international schools like Tanglin Trust School, Global Indian International School, and Invictus International School as well.

Hyll on Holland is the perfect home for your children to get to school from.

Exclusive Perspectives

Hyll on Holland screams luxury. See for yourself.

Our Layout Picks

2 Bedroom Layout (657 sqft)

2 Bedroom Layout

Notice the red rectangles? Those highlight the windows in the bathrooms and near the kitchen. Do not underestimate the importance of these windows. These windows mean natural ventilation that allows odours and cooking oils to leave your home naturally, without any need for mechanical ventilators.

This corner unit type also has a good view towards Holland Hill. There are also other 2 bedroom types available at 570 sqft and 700 sqft.

3 Bedroom + Study Layout (1,055 sqft)

3 Bedroom Layout

This corner unit has a good view towards Holland Hill. The study is naturally ventilated with a window, and can also be repurposed as a utility room or helper’s room. There is also a servery next to the kitchen, which offers you a stylish way to entertain guests or just have a quick breakfast in the mornings.The living and dining area is 5.4 m wide, with plenty of daylight from the balcony area. If you prefer, you can also move your dining area into the balcony and have a HUGE living area.

I am intrigued…

This is truly one worth looking at. To book an appointment with us for an exclusive preview, just click on the “Chat on Whatsapp” below, or fill in the form below and we’d reach out to you. Thank you!

The Hotseat #1 | Pudgy’s Grill

A brand new series. The Hotseat features local businesses in Singapore, celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit and contribution to the vibrance of Singapore.

First in the hotseat is serial entrepreneur, Lai Zi Jie. He is the proud founder of Wax & Wash (a mobile car grooming service), and also known as the Pudgy Busker (street musician & wedding singer). From washing posh cars in Good Class Bungalows to being featured in the news and the radio for his music, Zi Jie has done it all.

During the circuit breaker, Zi Jie’s businesses have had to take a backseat in view of the social distancing measures. Never one to rest on his laurels, he has quickly pivoted and opened his third business, selling wagyu beef burgers. In less than a month, Pudgy’s Grill sells out every weekend.

Enjoy this interview as we ask for his secrets behind business and his passion for burgers.

What made you decide to start selling burgers?

Actually, I would say it was something fortunate that occurred. With two of my other businesses coming to a complete standstill due to the Circuit Breaker, I had a lot of time on my hands to mess around in the kitchen (which I had zero prior experience with).

After watching YouTube videos and reading up, I managed to whip up a pretty decent burger. From then on, it was about practicing non-stop and relentlessly to perfect the burger.

What makes your burgers special?

Firstly, we really use only premium ingredients.

Secondly, our sauce. It’s a homemade recipe which many customers have been raving about.

Thirdly, we are small and every single burger is done by myself. And I am able to ensure consistency in the quality of the burgers we put out.

What do you love most about running a business?

The challenges. It’s never the same every day. The need to innovate, to create, to expand, to learn, in order to better ourselves and to catch up with the market trends.

Now with Phase 2 coming in, the amount of deliveries and take-outs will drastically decrease and Pudgy’s Grill will have to find a way to stay relevant. Good food is only half the battle won, the business side of things is the other half.

What do you hate most about running a business?

Ironically, it would be the same answer as above. The challenges! Especially when everything is going smoothly and a curve ball is suddenly thrown in my face.

The security you derive from the past few weeks of thriving business is all just washed down the drain. Being successful for one month, doesn’t necessarily mean being successful for the next month.

What advice do you have for a young aspiring entrepreneur?

The first step is to love your product or service. Believe in it. If you don’t, your business will never take off. “Smoking” people would never work in the long run.

After that, it’s about running the business. Learn how to market your product effectively. There’re 1001 ways of doing marketing, you’ve got to find the right one for your business.

Customer service is KING. Admit your mistakes if you’ve made any. Any defensiveness sensed by the customers isn’t going to be good for your business. At the same time, don’t let the unreasonable and exploitative customers step on your head. Be humble with dignity.

Don’t be stingy when it comes to running your business. Be it advertising, getting good products, hiring good help, logistics etc. Money out first, then money will come in.

How do you keep innovating to stay ahead?

Running a business is a long, long game. One bad month and you are going to hear people say, “You sure this will work? Stop throwing your money into something that won’t work.” It’s going to get you down.

But as I said, you’ve got to love your product, believe in it and thereafter, you’ve got to innovate and address the issues.

“Am I targeting the wrong audience?”
“Are there other advertising platforms I can use?”
“How can I improve my product / service?”

Listen to what the market wants. That’s number 1. And tailor your product and service according to their needs.

For example, Singapore’s market isn’t big on burgers. So, Pudgy’s Grill came up with a wagyu garlic fried rice! And the fried rice now contributes to 20% of our sales! But prior to putting fried rice on the menu, I had to cook 20 to 30 plates of fried rice before perfecting it. Only then did I believe in it enough to start selling it.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting a local business!

If all this talk about burgers is making you hungry, follow Pudgy’s Grill on IG and make an order the next time you’re craving a burger. You will not be disappointed.

How to buy a million dollar property

Perhaps you are in your twenties or thirties, and you are looking to invest in your first property. You have been reading up all you can on the best property investments. You are really keen on purchasing your first property, but you are unsure what you can afford.

Here’s a breakdown of what the numbers look like:

detailed breakdown

If you are still confused after reading this, don’t worry. Let us go through a detailed breakdown.

buyer stamp duty

When you buy a property in Singapore, you will need to pay to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) what is known as Buyer Stamp Duty. Without boring you with the calculations, for a $1,000,000 property purchase, this works out to a buyer stamp duty of $24,600.

(If you’re interested, you can read more about buyer stamp duty here.)

This brings the financial outlay for a $1 million property to:
$1,000,000 + $24,600 = $1,024,600

bank loan (75%)

Your next question might be: How much does my loan cover?

Long story short. A home loan normally covers 75% of the property purchase price.(Assuming you have an in-principle approval from the bank that covers 75% of the purchase price)

Eligibility for a loan is a key consideration in a property purchase. This is why it is so important to make an appointment with a banker to make an assessment before making any property purchase. If you are unsure where to begin, drop us a message here.

For a $1 million property, the loan covers:

$1,000,000 x 0.75 = $750,000

remainder (25% + Buyer stamp duty)

This leaves us with a remaining amount of:

$1,024,600 – $750,000 = $274,600

This remaining amount of $274,600 has to be covered with either cash or your CPF Ordinary Account (OA). At least 5% of the property price must be covered with cash. This means you cannot pay the remaining amount fully with CPF OA even if you had enough to do so.

possible scenarios

Let’s look at a few possible combinations of Cash + CPF:

Scenario 1: Adam has $50,000 in cash and $224,600 in his CPF OA.

In this case, Adam has just enough to meet the “minimum of 5% in cash” criteria. And happens to have this huge sum of money in his CPF waiting to be spent on a property.

Scenario 2: Belinda has $274,600 in cash and $0 in her CPF OA.

In this case, Belinda has no issue as well, being so cash rich.

Scenario 3: Chris has $137,300 in cash and $137,300 in his CPF OA.

In this case, Chris has enough from his cash on-hand and in his CPF OA to cover exactly what’s needed for the remaining amount.

Scenario 4: Denise has $40,000 in cash and $300,000 in her CPF OA.

In this case, Denise is not ready to make the $1 million property purchase. While she has more than enough cash + CPF for the purchase, she does not have enough cash to make up 5% of the property purchase price. She is sadly, $10,000 short.

Can I use my cpf oa to pay for the buyer stamp duty?

Yes! You can use your CPF OA to pay for the buyer stamp duty if you do not have sufficient cash to do so.


I hope this helps you in your calculations when deciding whether you are ready to make a property purchase. If you would like to have a full and detailed analysis of your financials and property options, drop us a message here and we would love to help.


The Woodleigh Residences

The Woodleigh Residences
Bidadari Park Drive
99-Years Leasehold From 18 Sep 2017
273,406 sqft
Kajima Development Pte Ltd & Singapore Press Holdings Ltd

Have you always dreamed of living with a mall at your doorstep?

Ran out of milk? Just pop down to the supermarket. Lazy to cook? Head down to your favourite F&B restaurants. Need an MC but don’t want to travel out? The GP is just downstairs waiting for you.

The Woodleigh Residences sits right on top of the future Woodleigh Mall. F&B, Retail, Medical Suites, Education Centres, even a community centre and a police station are all at your doorstep. Or should I say “just downstairs.”

take the lift to Woodleigh mrt

If you have been hunting for homes for awhile now, you may often see this in the ad copy, “minutes to MRT”. Well, at The Woodleigh Residences, you need only to take a lift down to the MRT.

10 minutes to Dhoby Ghaut MRT. 20 minutes to Raffles Place MRT. 2 minutes to Serangoon MRT Interchange. If you prefer the bus, there’s one of the first underground bus interchanges across the road. CTE & PIE are easily accessible via Braddell Road or Upper Serangoon Road.

bidadari is potentially the next DUXTON

When Bidadari’s BTO HDB units were launched, buyers rushed to apply and it was over 10 times oversubscribed, similar to the excitement that people had over Duxton or Dawson. In March 2020, a HDB flat at Pinnacle @ Duxton sold for a record $1.232 million dollars. How high do you think the new Bidadari Estate’s HDBs will go?

The Woodleigh Residences sits at the heart of the Bidadari Estate, sitting atop the MRT and the Mall, and overlooking the Bidadari Park. When the nearby HDB upgraders start to hunt for options, The Woodleigh Residences would be the first place they look to. If or when the value of estate skyrockets with time, so will the value of the crown jewel of the precinct.

10-Hectare bidadari green lung

Take a leisurely stroll after a heavy meal. Walk your dog. Play with your children outdoors. Take a break from those screens and breathe in fresh air. Enjoy 10 hectares (the size of 15 football fields) of greenery – a collection of treetop walks, playgrounds, and a beautiful lake.

Residents of The Woodleigh Residences will get to enjoy panoramic views of the Bidadari lake. The Japanese designed residence also boasts its own “Onsen” concept overlooking the lake.

japanese design & quality

No one fusses over the details like the Japanese do. And nothing spells quality like the Japanese (except maybe Singapore? Hehe.) In the residences, the flushed flooring used create a seamless extension between the living room and balcony, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. Each unit is complete with quality designer fittings from brands such as TOTO, Grohe, and De Dietrich.

The Japanese craftsmanship and design is also seen in the smart storage spaces and cantilevered wardrobes, adding even more function to form. You’ll need to check out the show units for yourself to believe the kind of attention to quality and detail that has been made with The Woodleigh Residences.


If you wish to learn more, or discuss other qualities of this undervalued gem, send us your information below and we will contact you for a quick consultation: